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Hi! I absolutely LURV sesshy sama. Have the plushy, a mini fig and the lil action figure..*giggles* My name is Lougara and I live in MD.

Here's my lil questionaire:
*Why you love Sesshomaru : his cold aristocratic nature that makes you think he doesnt want anyone, and it makes you want to melt that icy heart of his...
*What you like best about Sessy His eyes and his predatory nature.
*Who do you think he would be best paired with: after reading tales of the House of moon, I am an avid sess/kagome fan.
*Opinion on Jakken *rolls eyes* comdeic relief, that's for sure.
*Opinion on Rin*squees* i hope to have a daughter as cute as her.

I do a little bit of fanart(actually i have a whole sketch book full), but have been doing my furry art than sess art lately... maybe i'll scan up my fan art later.(dont hope for much i kinda suck at drawing him...his face is a challenge, and i suck at drawing humans)

Nice to meet everyone.
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