ame_ga_korobu (ame_ga_korobu) wrote in iluv_sesshomaru,

Intro Post!

Just joined. Thought I'd stop in and say hi! I've been watching Inuyasha since they aired the first episode on Adult Swim, that's what got me hooked on anime...and I fell in love with Sesshomaru.

*Why you love Sesshomaru
-Easy, he's like a god!

*What you like best about Sessy
-Eyes,...great eyes, Nice hair, total fashionista for his time period and he's just totally cool!

*Who do you think he would be best paired with
-Call me crazy, but if I had to pick one of the Inu gang...I'd totally go with Sango. A strong woman to handle a strong demon!

*Opinion on Jakken
-Irritating little shit, but you got to love him!

*Opinion on Rin
-Adorable! Need I say more?
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